Following its foundation in 2000, DIS was first engaged in security services, then gradually expanded its scope of activities into cleaning, private investigation, gardening and design and development of security engineering systems. DIS provides comprehensive security and cleaning services to Triholding projects, too.

With the foundation of Delta Investigation Force Kft in 2007, a private investigation division, specialising primarily in security services, appeared within the group.

The majority of the DIS portfolio is made up of comprehensive security and cleaning services for business sites, objectives and shopping centres, a range of security services for office buildings, construction sites and real properties, as well as, the full operation, cleaning and management of shops, private houses, and residential parks.

DIS also does an excellent job in the fields of event security, delivery and the escorting of money and goods and property of significant value, as well as the provision of bodyguard services.

Owing to cutting edge technology and IT systems, over the past few years the development, operation and maintenance of security engineering systems has become an important field of operation at DIS.

The vast majority of its assignments were reorganised, as a result of which the company already had approximately 500 bodyguards and security guards working for it when it began operation. Today, DIS has approximately 200 assignments and a staff of more than 600. Assignments tasks are mainly performed by the members of staff, though subcontractors also contribute, occasionally.

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