The renovation of Gozsdu Court was the largest-scale renovation project in Budapest city centre. The history of one of the most impressive residential buildings in the city dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century. In 1900, a complex consisting of seven buildings and six courtyards was built by Emanuel Gozsdu, the famous Romanian lawyer. The building complex, located in District VI. and connecting No.13. Király Street and No.16. Dob Street, was renovated in accordance with laws and regulations regarding the renovation of historic monuments. The complex includes 120 apartments built in Gozsdu Court, as well as 28 shop premises for commercial and catering purposes, located on the ground floor and at basement level. The beautiful façades of the buildings constituting Gozsdu Court were restored to their original appearance and colour. Concurrently, construction work on the residential building located at Nos. 10-14. Holló Street were integrated into the project, and the building in Holló Street linked to the 238-lot parking garage at No.6. Holló Street. 126 luxury apartments and 10 commercial premises were built in Holló Street and, for the first time in Hungary, Go Active Fitness Club is also located here at nearly 2000 sqm, which is the one of the largest fitness club in the city. Due to the restoration of Gozsdu Court to its original architectural beauty and look, life has returned to the cafés, restaurants and vintners and the unique (in Budapest) ground-floor shopping street, and it is thriving. The revived Gozsdu Court is one of the impressive and popular (tourist) attractions of the city.