Our latest project has provided our property development team an exciting and provoking challenge in 2018.
In contrast to its earlier buildings, the Triholding Group added an historic monument complex and not a new residential building to its portfolio.

As its name also suggests, this special atmosphere building was transformed into a COMPLEX, multifunctional building and developed even further, behind the walls of the historic monument in Király Street.

As a result of the reconstruction of the former VAM Design Centre and the former Hungarian Royal Winery, the Complex will be turned into a building with and 11,500 square metre gross floor area with exhibition and function rooms. With its central location, intellectual capital and historic traditions, as well as 21st Century technology, it will be a worthy and exclusive venue for a variety of events. The atrium and the special architectural solutions of this impressive building make it a priceless complex.

The building has been completely renovated in accordance with today’s demands and it was named KOMPLEX (complex) not by chance. The building contains office spaces, on the ground floor there is Budapest’s most popular restaurant, called Twentysix, also known as the ‘Dzsungel (Jungle) restaurant’, there is an exhibition area on the basement level, and also there is a 4-star hotel on the 3rd floor.

The office areas are located on the 1st and 2nd floor facing to the Király street, or to the beautiful spacious green courtyard.  The smoothed concrete floor, red brick walls and modern wall colors give the area a special atmosphere

These capacities and the added value of our company, the Triholding Group, will guarantee the success of any activity in the complex.

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