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Triholding group has been active in the CEE real estate market since 2000 and has become one of the leading real estate developers in the region. Triholding has a diversified portfolio of development projects varying from residential, through logistic properties, to hotels. The Triholding group projects have yielded outstanding financial return and added value, as well as recognition and an excellent reputation due to quality, professionalism and reliability. The high-standard projects have been acknowledged with numerous professional awards.


Triholding has always been a pioneer in the real estate market. During the past 16 years, it has developed a new concept, constructed completely new parts of cities and was also among the first to start city centre development projects; in addition, it has always paid special attention to the reconstruction and preservation of protected monuments.

However, the group is active not only in the real estate market, but has also expanded its range of activities in services: personal and property protection, cleaning and telecommunications, and is also constantly looking out for new investment opportunities in the services sector.

The Triholding group has extended its activities and currently has development projects in both Hungary and Romania.

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The Triholding philosophy states that the key to success of any organization is a balanced combination of its vision and principles, hard work and an ability to adjust rapidly to the fast-changing environment of the dynamic world in which we live. This philosophy has guided us throughout our activities over the past sixteen years.


As a result of our persistence and determination, our group has become a leading developer of residential and logistic centres in Hungary. Our projects have not only generated outstanding profits but also made us known; our excellent reputation stems from the trio of quality, professionalism and reliability. Our performance has been acknowledged with numerous awards and many of our projects in Hungary have been recognised professionally.

As part of its organic growth, Triholding has extended its business activities to other CEE countries, with the aim of utilising its existing resources and maintaining its excellent track record.

To be successful in a competitive business environment requires creativity and adaptivity, as well as prudent and contemplative decision-making. Even in the course of growth and expansion we do not forget the importance of our values and professionalism.

Although Triholding has been experiencing rapid growth and has turned into an influential business entity in CEE business, it continues to benefit from efficiency, flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly, which generally characterise small business entities.

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